GPS Tracking and Surveillance

All of the private detectives at Professional Legal Services & Investigations, LLC have families and children and we know parents want to believe their teenagers are being honest about where and how they are driving. We know all parents are concerned for their child's safety.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety statistics show that motor vehicle related accidents are the leading cause of teenage deaths and teenagers are four times as likely as older drivers to be involved in a crash and three times as likely to die in one.

Using our GPS trackers will help give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your child is where they say they are. You shouldn’t worry that this is an invasion of privacy into your teenager's life; it’s a parent's responsibility to do all that they can do to safeguard their child and the GPS tracker is just another tool to aid parents. 

Our units use the latest mapping software to track personal/company vehicles covertly, providing a detailed analysis of vehicle movements with or without the driver's knowledge.

You can rent one of our GPS tracking device with no long-term commitment, no cellular contract, no location or ping fees. There is no need to buy when you can rent our top quality, cutting edge equipment then return it when you are finished.

Once the unit is installed on the vehicle or equipment the GPS can be used to:

  • Track a potentially cheating spouse
  • Verify the location of your teenager
  • Track and monitor your company vehicles
  • Record the mph of the target vehicle
  • View real-time route history (live route playback), stops and transits

The unit comes with easy-to-use software and our professional private detectives can install our covert rental GPS tracking device or you can do it yourself. 

The private detectives at Professional Legal Services & Investigations, LLC can monitor the devices and provided you with a daily, weekly, or monthly report or rent the device to you and allow you to monitor it.

Please note: All of our GPS rentals are subject to a retainer that will be credited back to your account once the unit is back in our possession. Fleet pricing may apply for business/persons with more than two vehicles.

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