Infidelity Investigations


A gut instinct is the most powerful indicator of a cheating lover.

Did you know that in April 2012 a large adult website recently asked over 1,000 adults if they had ever cheated on a partner in a monogamous relationship, and 27% admitted they had. 

If you suspect infidelity, you may be right!

However, getting to the truth can be quite a challenge. In most cases, discreet investigation by a professional private detective is the only way to get the proof you deserve.

Where is he?

Professional Legal Services & Investigations, LLC is your solution! Our skilled private detectives can help you discover what is really going on in your relationship and provide irrefutable evidence if an illicit affair is going on.

Proving infidelity through independent investigative evidence can also help you establish a strong bargaining power in negotiations towards a more positive divorce settlement and child custody issues.

However, the most vital aspect of our investigative solutions is peace of mind for you. We can help restore your self-confidence and provide crucial facts so you can make informed decisions concerning your relationship.

In the heighten awareness since September 11th, undercover surveillance is one of the most challenging and difficult tasks that investigators perform. Professional Legal Services & Investigations, LLC employs detectives professionally trained in modern surveillance techniques.  We will discretely follow your partner and record their activities providing you with irrefutable video/photographic evidence.

At the conclusion of our investigation we can provide you with a comprehensive report of investigation detailing the investigative results.

Allow us to find your answers!

We also have covert GPS tracking devices, which can electronically track your spouse's vehicle movement 24 hours a day and we can supply printed reports of their vehicles whereabouts at any given time. The tracking device can also be monitored in real-time from the internet.

Put an end to the nightmare of unrelenting suspicion and doubt caused by the lying and deception of a cheating spouse or partner.

You owe it to yourself to know the truth!

PLSI, Investigating Since  2012