Skip Tracing


Whatever your reason for wanting to locate a missing person, the private detectives at Professional Legal Services & Investigations, LLC can provide you with a professional skip trace or missing persons searches nationwide.

The most common reason for a skip trace search is to collect a debt or be questioned about a transaction or an event. We can locate a tenant who has skipped out, owing you rent or payment for damages. Find the current address, place of employment and other vital information needed for debt collection.

Or, we can find an old friend, lover, classmate, or military buddy.  Our detectives can locate the current address of a lost or missing relative or bring closure to a difficult adoption search. Locate missing heirs, witnesses or subjects of research.

Basic Skip trace:

  • We need: the name, last known address, and third piece of identification (e.g., Date of Birth, Social Security Number, or Drivers License Number) of the person you are attempting to locate.

Extensive Search Skip trace:  

  • To be utilized when you have limited information.
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