Background Checks and Pre-employment Screening

A background check is the process of investigating official and commercial records about a person. It is done as a pre–employment check for any job applicant but mostly for a job applicant that requires high security like a school or a bank. Attorneys also request background checks on witnesses in their legal cases.

At Professional Legal Services & Investigations, LLC, we can perform a background check and investigate a person to find the truth and report the facts. These checks are important because they can aid you in making a better informed decision. 

Background check investigations can include:

  • Employment references
  • Education verification: School attended, grades, accredited and unaccredited degrees, and any professional qualification or certificate
  • Gaps in employment history
  • Character reference check
  • Identity and address verification
  • Public records search investigation
  • Criminal Records Search Investigation
  • Bankruptcy and judgment lien investigations
  • Limited income history
  • Internet dating
  • Credit history

The private detectives at Professional Legal Services & Investigations, LLC can provide information about criminal and civil cases.  We provide name, date of birth, street address, criminal offense (if applicable), docket entries, and more.  We also provide information about misdemeanors, felonies, civil litigation, divorce, traffic, and possible property descriptions. 

We can provide surveillance to uncover illegal activities such as illegal and legal drug abuse, and alcohol abuse. For child cases, this is to prevent possible or further child abuse, endangerment and neglect.

We provide child custody, child visitation, and child neglect and abuse investigations. We can help uncover and document facts of unwarranted behavior involving children.

Please note: Due to privacy restrictions we cannot offer information about sealed, non-served domestic violence, mental health, juvenile, or probate cases.

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