Computer and Phone Forensics

Our fully licensed and certified computer forensic specialists can help you find that key piece of  electronic evidence (e-evidence) to help you with your case.  Cheating spouses and employee computer abuse doesn't have to be a secret anymore. 

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Online indiscretions can be revealed through the emerging technology of computer forensics. Evidence can be found in hidden or deleted email, hidden files, web history, images, and especially in the unallocated file space.  Information can be found even on drives that have been unused for years.  The details are there.  Everything that is done on a computer leaves a trace.  

What Should You Do With The Device?

Warning: The first steps taken when dealing with digital evidence are crucial!

If you are using any device that might contain digital or electronic evidence it is critical that you STOP USING THE DEVICE IMMEDIATELYand TURN IT OFF

As computers, smartphones – any device with memory and data storage – are used even casually, areas of memory and storage are overwritten with new information, potentially wiping out important evidence. If you even suspect digital evidence will be needed from a device, STOP using the device immediately.

More data is left on a cell phone than you might think.  We can uncover deleted text messages, web site history, deleted photos, GPS location information to tell where someone has been and when and much more.  Also, there can be a complete timeline of events that can be recovered.

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