Covert Cameras

It is legal in the US and most other countries to videotape in areas of your own home without consent. Exceptions include wherever a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy such as wash rooms, bathing or changing areas and locker rooms.

It is not unusual for a client to suspect that their significant other is bringing someone into the house while the client is at work or away on business. In most cases we can install a covert camera system that can assist you in documenting what is actually happening.


Our hidden cameras are hidden so well that the client will have a difficult time in detecting them despite the fact that the client knows exactly where the cameras are. Our technicians professionally install each system and they do not leave a mess behind; you will never even know we were there.

These camera systems are also helpful in child custody cases. If you anticipate a divorce and are concerned about child custody, especially if you suspect that you spouse is engaging in questionable behavior such as alcohol abuse, drug abuse, sexual abuse or physical abuse, then you should seriously consider installing a hidden camera system in an effort to document your suspicions on video.

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